Windows Web Hosting

Web hosting that is based on IIS, operating atop a Microsoft Windows operating system, usually Windows NT or Advanced Server. Windows hosting is necessary for the functionality of ASP-based websites, and usually Cold Fusion-based sites as well. Windows hosting is generally more expensive than UNIX-based hosting on account of licensing costs associated with Windows.
Nexdecade Managed Hosting provides the most reliable, affordable, responsive, and secure Windows Dedicated Server Hosting to run 24/7 business-critical applications and web / ecommerce environments.

Why Nexdecade?
  • Performance: Our high-performance Dell PowerEdge Servers and 100% Uptime Gigabit network deliver unparalleled performance to run SQL Server environments.

  • Security: Our extensive security services enable you to run your SQL Server environment and your applications in a hardened environment to support 24/7 business-critical environments.

  • Managed Services: Nexdecade offers an extensive list of managed services including Managed Firewalls, Virus Protection, Intrusion Prevention, Data Encryption, O/S Updates, Managed Data Backups, and more.

  • 24/7 Support: Our Microsoft Certified staff and advanced monitoring tools allow us to provide the industry's most comprehensive Windows Hosting solutions.

    Supported Windows Operating Systems:
    Nexdecade supports both Windows 2003 Dedicated Server Hosting and Windows 2000 Dedicated Server Hosting:

    Database & Application Hosting:
    Nexdecade provides support on Windows dedicated servers for the following Microsoft applications and databases:

    Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

    Microsoft SQL Server Cluster Hosting

    Microsoft Hosting

    Microsoft Exchange / Outlook Hosting

    Microsoft SharePoint Hosting


    3RD Party Applications Supported On Windows Dedicated Servers:







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