Intelligent Proximity Time & Attendance

Ntedecade Technology
PM-3760 Access Controller


  • Large 16 x 2 lines LCD displays Card number, Date, Weekday, Duty status.
  • Capable review the message through LCD screen or print out by the external
  • PG-1050B printer adapter for serial printer directly.
  • Card number, Staff number and Staff name are shown on LCD.
  • Standalone or PC on-line which could connect external readers for IN/OUT anti-pass back function.
  • With Wigand input to connect external proximity card reader for access controller/time and attendance
  • Built-in quartz real time clock for time recording, and time based time zone, holiday controls.
  • RS-232C interface to a single reader, or RS-422 or RS-485 interfaces selectable for polling up to hundred of readers.
  • Could connect TCP/IP converter for global networking.
  • Provides 6,000 attendance / access transactions and 9,999 personal map.
  • All models with compatible communication protocols to be controlled by personal computer through PCP832-XX multi-controller.
  • Personal map, time zone map & door release time¡Ketc management.
  • Database in access could be saved in TXT, HTML format or transfer to variety format too.
  • There are 144 bell schedules ( 6 schedules per hour ) can be programmed for periodic bell announce, 8 time zones for personal time zone map, 8 time zones for auto duty.
  • User card can be added/deleted in single or block range cards. 79 user definable duty code names could be displayed.

  • Operation modes:
        1. 1. Card only.
          2. Card and PIN code.
          3. PIN code only.
          4. Operation mode defined by time zone.
          5. Mix personal operation mode (Optional). It means each person with different operation mode.
  • Provides door driver output, exit push button and door release input, alarm and tamper switch output.
  • Low power consumption, CPU with watchdog function. The transactions can be kept in the controller for 10 years while power failure.

* We reserve the right to change the specification without notice or obligation!


 Model No  PP-3761/H  PP-3761/N  PP-3761/M
 Frequency / Modulation  125 KHz / FSK  125 KHz / ASK  13.56 MHz / FSK
 Display  10-15 cm for 125 KHz ASK format, 5-15 cm for 125 KHz FSK format,
 2-5 cm for 13.56 MHz ISO14443 A format (Mifare)
 Indicators  With 16 x 2 lines LCD for displaying weekday, time, ID number, date, buffer
 counter, system parameter... etc.
 There will have staff number, staff name and card number...etc for the time  attendance  application after programming.
 Indicators  One bicolor LED, one yellow LED and buzzer for audible indication
 Memory  16K ROM and 128K SRAM
 Storage buffer  6,000 events and 9,999 card holders
 Interface  Selectable RS-232C or RS-422 or RS-485 by internal jumper
 Transmission rate  300 ~ 115,200 bps, N,8,1 ( default 4,800 bps )
 Working voltage  12VDC
 Case material and  keypad  ABS with case cylinder lock, 4 x 3 keypad for system programming, pass word entry  or  duty code selection
 Reset  Watchdog timer, power reset, self recovery watchdog
 Passive cards/ key tags  125 KHz FSK format (HID):
 125 KHz ASK format (EM):
 13.56 MHz ISO14443 A format:
 Power consumption  150 mA
 Operation temperature  0 C ~ 55 C
 Humidity  5%~85% RH, Non condensation
 Dimensions  174(L) x 100(W) x 45(H) mm
 Weight  510g + 5%


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