Intelligent MIFARE Contact less Smart Card Access Controller

Ntedecade Technology
PM-3760 Access Controller

Instruction :
PM-3760 series features reading or writing with MIFARE Card (ISO 14443A). The smart card reader utilizes MIFARE technology to read the memory cards, the advanced system reduce the risk of tampered data or duplicated cards, to provide a fully features hardware / firmware infrastructure for or intelligent PC on/off-line operation, and network expandability with an additional TCP/IP converter. Most of the system parameters, personal map setting and status inquiry can be accomplished on this product independently or upload / download via on-line PC.


  • Reader / Access Controller / Time & Attendance 3 in 1 design, stand-alone or intelligent PC on/off-line operation.
  • 3,500 card holders and 4,000 event buffers (expandable for 12,000 card & 16,000 events).
  • Open door modes:
    1. card only
    2. card and PIN
    3. keying only (by card number and PIN0
    4. auto operation mode by time zones
    5. personalized operation mode(optional)
  • Card can be added / deleted in single or block mode by manful operation or via PC.
  • 16 characters x 2 LCD display system parameters and personal maps when setup or inquiry, such as: date, time, duty code, duty name, transactions, buffer counter, card number, ID number, or user name. Add support printout for all events logging by connecting the serial output to PG-1050B printer adapter.
  • System parameters and personal maps editing with keypad by master card or thru 6 digits master PIN, also can be uploaded / downloaded via on-line PC.
  • Multiple network system can be configured to control up to 160 doors supported with PCP832 series multi-channel converter. Thousands access controllers system can be easily configured thru PC-T100 (TCP/IP converter) for Web-based network.
  • With 2-6 transparent user selectable duty keys and another two digits 79 user definable duty codes with duty description names. Duty code can be automatic shifted by 8 scheduled time zones. 168 time alarm for bell schedules and 96 programmable holiday schedule.
  • Check repeat reading function to prevent repeating within 1-9 minutes.
  • Support error message logging, such as: PIN error, card number error, invalid card, time zone mismatch, door monitoring time too long.
  • Auto power reset with watchdog timer and built-in low power RCT design, date retention while power failure.
  • 48-bit read and write keys are highly secure for mutual authentication.
  • Unique key pair may be defined for each sector. Reader and card must have mating keys.
  • All RF data transmission between the card and reader is encrypted.
  • PM-3760M2 provides 6,000 black list function.

Typical Configuration:

Ntedecade Technology
PM-3760 Smart Card Access Controller


 Model No PM - 3760
 Type PM- 3760M0 PM- 3760M1 PM- 3760M2 PM- 3760Mp
 Read / Write Read UID Read Block Read / Write Blocks Read UID
 Identify Card  ISO 14443A Type MIFARE card or keyfob
 Read Range  2~7 cm
 Frequency /  Modulation  13.56 MHz / FSK
 Memory  128~512KB
 Card holders/events  3,5000 card holders / 4,000 event buffers (expandable for 10,000 card & 20,000 events)
 Online Interface  RS-232C, RS-422/RS-485, Web-based networking, 10/100Mbps auto-sensing (TCP/IP available  with external converter, ex: PC-T100)
 Baud rate  300 ~ 115,200 bps, N, 8, 1 (defaults 4,8000 bps)
 Time  Zone  Time  Attendance  8 person time zones, 8 time zones for auto duty mode.
 Access  control  8 person time zones, 8 time zones for auto operation mode.
 Inputs  3 inputs for external reader, exit push button, door monitoring or burglar zone monitoring.
 Outputs  4 outputs for door release, alarm, printer output, tamper switch
 Display  LCD module with 16 characters x 2 lines
 Mounting  Surface mount
 Enclosure material /  color  ABS / Ivory or black or silver
 Keypad  4 x 3 numeric keypad, waterproof
 Indicators  Bicolor (red/green) and amber LEDs, multi-tone buzzer
 Power supply  12V DC, 150 mA (Linear power supply recommended)
 Operation temperature  0ºC ~ 60ºC
 Humidity  10% ~ 90%, RH, Non condensation
 Dimensions  174(L) x 100(W) x 45(H) mm / 6.85(L) x 1.7(H) inch
 Weight  740g ± 5%
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