• Cost effective and secure fleet management system.
  • Installed on your server.
  • One-time licensing; no recurring monthly costs.
  • Use your own logo and colour scheme.
  • Customize NESECURE through our team.
  • Option to integrate your custom map as an overlay over Google Maps.

NEXSECURE for Enterprises is a web-based GPS asset tracking solution that you may install in-house. Offering many customizable features, a scalable architecture and one-time device licensing, it's a fast and affordable way to bring enterprise asset tracking to your business.

Track Your AVLS Anywhere in the World

  • Web based solution.
  • Integrate your custom map as an overlay on Google Maps, if required.
  • You may use your own GPS tracking devices.

Scalable Platform

  • Installed on your servers for complete control, security and privacy.
  • Create any number of groups and sub-groups.
  • Designed to support thousands of GPS tracking devices.

Tailor Nexdecade AVLS to Meet Your Vertical Market

  • Rebrand to use your logo and colour schemes.
  • Customize NEXSECURE for your specific needs.
  • Incorporates advanced security features.

Get Started Today

  • One-time licensing.
  • Get the customs tracking solution you need without having to build it.
  • Use the NEXSECURE platform to save time, money and provide certainty.

Professional Installation Services Available if u want to secure your vehicle by tracking solution in-house, Nexdecade’s professional installation services will help you up and running quickly. Collaborate with Nexdecade's development team you may work to develop and implement special custom features and enhancements to your NEXSECURE Enterprise solution.

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