How does it work?

NEXSECURE is an Automatic Vehicle Locating System installed inside the vehicle. Location data is computed by the unit using signals received from GPS satellite.  It processes the location data and transmits it via communication network to the web server and from there it is accessed by the call centre or the user on his PC or mobile phone. The user or the call centre can also control the vehicle from his PC / Mobile phone, if required.
This system is of great value to the fleet managers because it enables them to view real time location of the vehicles by looking at the area map on his PC / mobile phone. A fleet manager may also take control of the fleet through geofencing (by demarcating specific geographical area for a vehicle on the computer screen) and if the vehicle violates the defined route, he can stop the vehicle from moving. Information retrieved about the actual operation of the fleet is summarized through system generated reports that should help in improving management decisions for cost reduction and increased profitability of the business.

NEXSECURE is web based (GPS +GSM) vehicle tracking system and it is the perfect way to track and manage your entire fleet. Available with hardware devices that can be activated in minutes. 

Know Where Your AVLS Are

  • Track your vehicle (say, a cab, a bus, a truck etc.) in real time
  • Review your assets' history by drawing reports of its movements including distance covered, speed, places visited over a given period of time either online or in offline mode.
  • View real time movements of your assets on Google Maps/ Google Earth.

Know What Your Vehicles Are Doing

  • Alerts on over/speeding, trespassing restricted areas etc.
  • SOS through panic buttons in case of emergency or crisis
  • Ability to stop vehicle through the Call center

Start Tracking Your AVLS Today

  • Fully hosted; no software to buy or install
  • Track and control your asset over the web or on your mobile from any part of the globe
  • Ready to use GPS hardware is shipped to start tracking your assets
First Class GPS Tracking

NEXSECURE for You is a state of the art GPS tracking solution having features and dynamism not found in any other software. With its unmatched technology and utilities, NEXSECURE gives an edge in managing your business in a cost effective manner.

  • Intuitive and Detailed Reporting.
  • Over speeding and Panic Alerts.
  • Geographically fenced zones (Predefine Zones) can be created on-screen to show permissible or restricted areas for your vehicle(s) to operate in the defined geographical limits. When the vehicle violates a route’s path, instant alerts are triggered to your mobile phone or by email.
  • Ability to stop vehicle through Call center.
  • Address Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding.
  • Real time movements display on Google Maps™/Google Earth.
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